japanese, kanji, 日本語, 漢字

600 Kanji



I’m finally over 600 kanji, meaning I have “only” 1400 more to go. The picture above is currently my trusty stack of completed kanji cards with a crayon for reference. It’s becoming more and more difficult for me to find time to make the cards, devise the little stories, memorize them, then work through them on the SRS. The other difficult thing of late is that, because I have so many thing in the SRS, it takes for-ever to get caught up on the ones that I’m scheduled to review.


2 thoughts on “600 Kanji

  1. thanks!

    Since you too are surrounded by kanji, you’ll find that your environment will make more and more sense as time goes on. This is encouragement enough to persevere through the long and tedious kanji slog.

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